Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Who Would Have EVER Thought.........

I was unable to log on to internet ALL. DAY. LONG yesterday!!!! So imagine my surprise when I finally got on today and found I had been given this very nifty award 3 TIMES!!!! I am completely overwhelmed. I was nominated by GramsSusan and Linda. Girls, you put a smile on my face and made my day! Thank you.

Now, it is my duty to return the favor by nominating five other Rockin' Girl Bloggers. So here are the nominees:

Kelly - This is one strong woman. She is married to Tyson and has two absolutely aDORable kiddos, Simon and Helene. She has had some pretty difficult health issues in the recent months and she has maintained her sense of humor (most of the time!) and has allowed her blogging friends inside her pain and, in our own way, we have shared that pain. Hopefully, we have helped to alleviate just a little of that pain. She is truly one Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Mary - She is definitely rockin'! She has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband and she is very active in her church. She sings and writes music too! She has a passion for Christ and shares her journey with those who read her blog. I have grown to appreciate her candidness and honesty in sharing her faith. Check out this rocker blogger!

Jennifer - I just love to visit her blog. She is upbeat and happy. She has a beautiful family and she is very active in her church. She has dealt with her hearing loss with such grace and is an example to everyone. I get such encouragement from reading her blog and I hope to meet her in person some day. Since she lives in Tennessee she is pretty close by. She is one rockin' girl blogger!

Wendy - I have been reading this blogger almost as long as I have been blogging. She lives in New Zealand with her family and she is famous!!! She has even been to the Emmys in Hollywood and she posted the pictures to prove it. I love to visit her......I even won one of her casting calls which was very exciting. She has not been posting a lot lately but she has a good excuse......she has been busy with her kiddos. Check her out and you will see why she is one Rockin' Girl Blogger.

Courtney - I just discovered this beautiful blog. Courtney and I share a love for cats and she writes about hers on her blog. She also talks about family and friends and honors our veterans. I always love finding new bloggers to enjoy and this is one that I have added to my list. Go and see what you think. She (and her cats) are reallyrockin'!!!!

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