Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Pain, Pain and More Pain!

Bad news. DH was feeling so much better after we returned from the doctor yesterday. Then he laid down on the bed for a little while to rest and when he tried to get up he couldn't!!! He was in terrible pain. He finally was able to struggle into a chair.

After sitting there for a while I thought he was getting better. He did get a little better but by 10:30pm he just couldn't stand it any longer. We packed up and came home!!!

He is going to call the chiropractor and get in to see him today. He is SO upset about leaving the conference. He has NEVER missed a conference and it is killing him, especially this year with the elections.

Please pray for him. He has not had back problems like this in 25 years and he is not handling it very well. Pray for me too........pray that I don't kill him!!!! (Just kidding)

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