Saturday, 30 June 2007

Time for a Sponge Bath......

As you have heard me say before, my husband threw his back out and has been in significant pain for almost two weeks. 

He went to the chiropractor and felt better until he picked up something he shouldn't have and ended up hurting worse than before. There was a slight problem though, the doctor was on vacation and it would be a week before he could see him.

So being the loving, supportive, caring wife that I am I became his sweet nurse. Much like the picture above I was kind, always had a smile on my face and never became frustrated. 

Now there is just one problem with this picture. The problem is, the nurse described above is the one in my husband's dreams.

The nurse he ACTUALLY had was more like this one. Sometimes a little crabby, sometimes not compassionate and sometimes not understanding.

This nurse took care of her patient and tried to be cheerful but there were times she wanted to stick needles in her eyes and run into the night screaming or stick needles in HIS eyes!!!

However, my poor husband went to the chiropractor yesterday and today and he is SOOOmuch better. He can get around a lot better and even though he is very sore and tender he is not in excruciating pain anymore.

I guess "Nurse Bunker" can go on an extensive leave of absence. Maybe she should go to a spa for a facial (don't you think it would help!!!) and a massage. OOOOH, how wonderful.

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