Saturday, 9 June 2007

Sunday Seven #18

A weekly meme for giving thanks and/or for noting important events in our lives.

1. We spent time with our dear friends, the Cosbys, in Venezuela. They have been our friends for 35 years!!!!! We met in college and used to double date. It is hard to believe we have know each other that long. We are thankful for old friends.

2. We enjoyed worshiping in our son's FIL's church in Venezuela. He is a wonderful preacher and we are excited about them moving to Georgia this month. He will be pastoring an Hispanic congregation in our conference.

3. Being with the Christians in Venezuela is a shot in the arm. They are very encouraging to me in my faith and I appreciate that so much.

4. I did a LOT of walking on this trip. Of course, I had to walk through the airports and I walked from our hotel room to the restaurant and I walk in the mall (well, I do have my priorities) and I walked at the artisan's mall (more retail therapy!). I am very tired and little sore but I. DID. IT!!!!

5. I am extremely thankful for my comfy chair! When I placed my posterior in the seat Friday afternoon I was a very happy girl!

6. There is nothing like the wag of your dog's tale and his smile when you return from a trip! Smokie was very happy to see us and our cat, Boxer, has been very clingy as well. It is good to be loved!

7. Now that I have had a day and a half to rest, wash clothes and repack.....we are leaving today for Athens, GA for our church's yearly Conference. We will return on Friday. I am taking my laptop so I can stay in touch. It will be a busy week and an important one as the ministers and delegates deal with important issues. Pray for God's will to be done.

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