Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Jerry Falwell Dies

Jerry Falwell, Baptist minister, founder of Liberty University and the Moral Majority and Political Activist is dead at the age of 73. Falwell was found this morning unconscious in his office and was rushed to the hospital. He had a history of heart problems but no cause of death has been announced as of this time.

Falwell was a lightening rod for controversy. Many times the controversy was his own doing. He made statements that were harsh and he would then apologize.

I did not agree with many of Rev. Falwell's methods or the way he dealt with some issues but I did admire him for being willing to take a stand for Christ and for conservative views. There were many times I wished he would just keep his mouth shut but you could certainly never accuse him of being afraid to speak his mind. 

He came to the forefront in the early seventies when he felt the country was moving away from moral values. The 'Moral Majority' took in over $11 million in its' prime and because of their support Reagan and Bush (Sr.) were elected.

Rest in Peace, Rev. Falwell.

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