Thursday, 31 May 2007

Outta Here!!!

We are leaving today for Venezuela. My husband will be teaching in the seminary and we will get to visit with many of our friends. 

So, no Thursday Thirteen for me today or next week. Hold down the fort and don't make too big of a mess. I hate to come home to a dirty house. If you have a party be sure to throw away the evidence. You know that Lazy Daisy and Melli love to party, so watch them. Lazy Daisy is always leaping over things, like cars, and Melli loves to climb things. Yellowrose sometimes gets rowdy, you know how she loves to dance. She has even been known to fly off to exotic places like New York City and completely forget about the rest of us!!! I am hoping that Flip Flop Floozie will keep an eye on them for me. She seems to have a somewhat calming effect on them.

Maybe I should put Susie Pie in charge. She has a level head and is neat. Besides, she can make sure no one messes up the beautiful template she created for me. But it might be best if I depend on family. I think Median SibDaddy's Roses and Blue Star Chronicles should keep an eye on things for me. Girl cousins stick together, you know!!

I think I have everything covered. So, adios. Dios le Bendiga (God bless you).

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