Saturday, 26 May 2007

So Sad!

I am SO sad. I just heard that Rosie has decided to go ahead and leave The View earlier than expected. It all stems from her blow-up with co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Rosie is hurt that Elizabeth did not 'defend' her when people questioned her about Rosie's comment about our troops being terrorists. Elizabeth was trying to get Rosie to explain her comment herself so that it would be clear. Rosie thought that Elizabeth should have explained her statement! What IS her problem? Why should someone else have to explain her words?

Rosie's comment about the troops was unconscionable. She quoted a specific number of dead Iraqis and then said, "So, who's the terrorist?" Now, how do YOU interpret that? Sounds like she is calling our troops terrorists to me! I hope she just goes home and fades into the woodwork. I am SO tired of her complaining, her grandstanding, her anger and her venom. She is an angry, bitter, sad person.

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