Wednesday, 30 May 2007

No More Protests!

It has been reported today the Cindy Sheehan is giving up her protests against the war in Iraq. She has been voicing her feelings about our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as her distaste for our President since the death of her son.

But she has decided to hang up her placards and put away her anti-war t-shirts and retire from the scene. She said, "I am giving up the peace movement and my son died for nothing." 

She is also very disappointed with the Democratic Party. She was their "fair-haired" darling as long as she was criticizing the Republicans but when she found fault with the Democrats they turned on her.
Imagine that!

It is sad that she feels her son died for nothing. I am very sorry she lost her son. I am sorry for every mother and father who have lost a child in this war. It is tragic. But it is even more tragic, in my opinion, to dishonor them by saying they died for nothing.

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