Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen #65

A List of 13 Random Thoughts

1. I have a lot to do before next Thursday when we leave for Venezuela. HELP!!!!

2. I must get caught up on my Thursday Thirteen responsibilities such as adding people to the blogroll. I have been a bad girl!

3. My friend Daisy has been trying to learn to jump hurdles but someone needs to tell her that jumping moving cars is NOT the way to do it. (Read about it on her blog!)

4. I have been trying to think of a way to have a gathering of all the Blogging Sistahs of the South! I'm not really an organizer but I just think it would be SO much fun to get together for a weekend and just get to know each other. Ideas???

5. Today, after physical therapy, I went to Wal-Mart and actually WALKED all over the store. I didn't have to drive a cart. YEA!!!

6. Did you ever just have one of those days when you just can't think of a thing to say? I am having that problem now!

7. I talked to our son and he said that he and our DIL have a peace about their baby. They have an appointment next week with a specialist and we are just trusting that the heartbeat will be regular by then. (see post below!)

8. As I am writing my T13 I am watching the "Idol" finale. It has been a SUPER show. The music has been wonderful (for the most part) and they have done some fun things. Now they are about to announce the winner..........and it is JORDIN SPARKS!!!!!

9. Can you imagine being 17 years old and being where she is???? Unbelievable!

10. I actually heard a person being interviewed on Fox News today who said that if Jordin Sparks won it would not be a good thing for teenage girls because (in her words) "she is the poster child for overweight kids". I was appalled. 

11. We are out of Venezuelan coffee.......YIKES! It's a good thing we are going next week. I will be bringing back my supply.

12. I am going to dinner and a movie with a friend on Friday night. I am looking forward to it. We do this every couple of months and we have a ball.

13. My DIL's parents will be moving here from Venezuela the middle of June. We are all so excited. They are wonderful people and will be pastoring a church here. Our DIL is counting the days!!

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